At Howard & Jones Funeral Home, we understand that every family is unique.  Since families have different needs and budgets, we work with them to help control costs while creating meaningful services.  We assist families in personalizing the funeral service allowing them to choose how to memoralize loved ones.  Our staff provides personal assistance with many details, from  contacting clergy and pallbearers to making reservations at a local hotel, arranging for cemetary memorials, floral arrangements, car rentals, and other funeral related requests.  Below are some of the servcices available.  These can be tailored in any fashion to meet the needs of the family.  We offer a video tribute program which memorlializes the individual through a video production.

Traditional Burial:  This type of funeral includes a visitation and formal funeral ceremony, followed by burial at the cemetary.

Direct Burial:  Arrangements are made to inter the deceased in a cemetary without having any ceremony or visitation.

Traditional Cremation:  This service is similar to the tradtional burial. Following the funeral, the deceased is transferred to the crematory instead of the procession going to the cemetary.

Direct Cremation:  If a family chooses to have no ceremony or visitation, a direct cremation is an option.

Memorial Service:  This is a service without the deceased present. A Visitation, burial or cremation may or may not have preceded the memorial service.

Fowarding and Receiving:  Forwarding or receiving of the deceased from place of death to or from the funeral home for final arrangements.