Ernest Grover was born May 21, 1939. Always an adventurer, he grew up in Panama City, Florida, was an avid scuba diver, water skier, pilot, fisherman, equestrian, and most recently, a ball-room dancer.

In 1959, Ernest survived a shark attack while scuba diving off Panama City, Florida. Not deterred from getting back in the water, he went on to water ski at Cypress Gardens, specializing in trick skiing and jumping.

Ernest graduated from FSU where he met and married his wife Juana Grover in 1962. He then served his tour in the United States Navy until 1966.

Ernest retired from his firm, Marine Insurance Adjusters and Surveyors, in St. Petersburg, Florida in 1991. After his retirement, he and his wife Juana spent several years cruising and racing their sailboat through the Caribbean and South America.

Ernest was a staunch animal rights advocate and philanthropist serving as president of the Florida Conservation Association (FCA).  He was a founding member of Sound Trail and Rail Society (STARS) in 1998, and a supporting member of the National Walking Horse Association (NWHA). Ernest and Juana were also founding members of the current Animal Refuge Foundation of Wayne County (ARF) where he fostered and found permanent homes for almost 100 dogs.

Ernest is survived by his wife of fifty years, Juana Grover; two sons, Brett and Tyler Grover and their wives, Susan and Lori; four grandchildren, Britt and his wife Morgan, Chris, Kristie, and Madison; and a younger brother, Daniel J. Grover.

A memorial service will be held at the Jesup Presbyterian Church on Thursday, February, 21 at 11am.

In lieu of flowers, please send memorial gifts and contributions to Animal Refuge Foundation of Wayne County (ARF), P.O. Box 432, Jesup, GA 31598.