SignPre-arrangements – What are they and how do they help me and my family?

Making pre-arrangements lets your desires and wishes be known ahead of time regarding your funeral arrangements. Folks that choose to pre-plan enjoy peace of mind knowing they are saving their family the additional burden of making important decisions during a period of high emotional stress. Pre-arrangements or Pre-planning can be as easy as informing us of the type of service you would like to have.  These plans can incorporate a traditional service and burial, direct burial, or cremation. We can also assist in coordinating the necessary arrangements when  an out-of-town burial is required.

What should I do if I am not financially able to pre-pay right now but would like to go ahead and make pre-arrangements?

Your family will be thankful that they won’t have to decide on the type of funeral service and the cost. Despite popular belief, you don’t need to pay any up-front money when you are pre-arranging your services. There are some who choose to establish a payment plan according to budget requirements. We can also assist families in organizing their personal records to get an accurate picture of their life insurance policies and the funds are available to them. Still, others choose to purchase the funeral services in one lump sum. Really, it’s your decision so we make an effort to work together with each family according to their needs.

Can I transfer arrangements made at another funeral home whether or not  I’ve paid for them?

This is a very common question and the answer is yes. It’s as easy as getting in touch with us so we can get the transfer paperwork prepared for you to sign. There will be no need for you to contact the other funeral home, we can handle everything for you.

Is it true that paying in advance can help our family save money. How does this work?

We decide to place all of our pre-funding only with safe and respectable insurance companies. We put your money in an insurance policy, and they invest it in safe, secure, instruments for favorable returns. This will ensure that we meet our obligations when they become due in the future. This enables us to guarantee and lock in the costs at today’s prices, saving you a lot of money in the process.

Can you tell me what the average cost of a funeral is today?

A survey done by a National Funeral Directors Association revealed that the average costs for a funeral are approximately $6,000. (With extra charges for cemetery and monument .) Considering this, the costs are largely determined by the type of funeral service you choose and your casket selection. There are some families that choose traditional services, which usually take place in a church or chapel with a visitation the day before. Other families decide on cremation. You have numerous options available to you with cremation. You may have a traditional viewing and service or opt for a direct cremation, which is less costly given that it does not include any attendant rites or a ceremony. How much to spend on a funeral is a personal decison that each family will determine with careful condideration.

I realize that you’re a locally owned funeral home, but what does that mean for your customers?

Being locally owned means that we are free to make decisions based upon the needs of each individual without having to get approval from a corporate office. In today’s big business climate most consumers feel there is a lack of personal attention, being a local funeral home allows us make a real difference in lives of the people we serve.

Can I use burial insurance that I purchased somewhere else at your funeral home?

Insurance policies are owned by the insured so yes you can use it because it is transferable to any funeral home.

I heard that Social Security will pay toward funeral expenses – Is that true?

The answer to this question can vary from person to person. Social Security will pay up to $255 for those who qualify. These payments are made to the family, not the funeral home. Our policy is to file all of the required documents (insurance claim forms, death certificates and Social Security notification) for the family and we will help the family with finding out exactly what Social Security will pay.

My loved one is a Veteran – what benefits are they entitled to?

When a family makes the request, the basic Military Funeral Honors ceremony will be performed for the veteran. The ceremony consists of the folding of the United States flag and presentation to the veteran’s family and the playing of taps. The ceremony is conducted by a funeral honors detail comprising a minimum of two Armed Forces members. Taps may be played by a bugler ,or, if a bugler isn’t accessible, a recorded version of the Taps will be played. Qualifying Veterans are also entitled to a grave marker furnished by the Department of Veteran Affairs. To determine veteran eligibility, the DD Form 214 must be provided to us by the family. The DD 214 is the certificate of release or discharge from active duty. We can obtain this form for any family who does not have a copy of it.